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History of Sri Venkata Krishna Vrundavana

25th January 2018

His Holiness Sri Sugunendra Swamiji arrives in Sydney.  

26th January, 2018

Madhwa Navami celebrations were performed.

Swamiji started his visits to devotees’ houses. He performs various poojas at devotees’ requests in their homes.

After a short visit to Melbourne, Swamiji returns to Sydney for a stay of 2 weeks. During this short period of time, Swamiji along with other ardent devotees acquires a rental place to establish 9thoverseas branch under the banner Puttige Mutt, Udupi. The location of the priest house was set up in Toongabbie, NSW.

Very quickly the word got spread around the city of Sydney and gains support from his devotees.

Swamiji gives his consent to the rental property and did not waste any time. Immediately, preparations were in place to get the priest house set up.

9th Feb 2018

Swamiji performed the traditional punya varchane, grihapravesha at the new premises

10th Feb 2018

This day was marked as the auspicious day in the calendar of Puttige Mutt, Sydney branch. A procession was held to bring the deities in to the newly acquired rental property. Sri Raghavendra Swamiji;s idol was the first one to arrive along with other idols.

Swamiji continues to visit devotees’ houses to render poojas, Gita discourses and blessed his devotees.

13th Feb 2018

Swamiji also visited the residence of Smt Nagaveni and Sri Vasudev Badethalav for Thottilu pooje in the evening, when the couple agreed to donate Sri Udupi Krishna idol to the priests’ house. After the Gita pravachana and serving of prasada, Sri Krishna was then taken in a procession at night while chanting Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namma. Everyone present was frenzied at what was happening. 

14th Feb 2018

In the early hours of this day, Swamiji consecrated the idol of Sri Krishna, and installed in the Altar. Those who attended this morning ritual only know the divine atmosphere encompassed the priests’ house. Then Swamiji left for India.

Here we go, since this day, the priests’ house has been fully occupied with activities of various kinds, as per the tradition of Madhwa Sampradaya. Children and adults both alike, take part on Thursday evenings reciting Sri Raghavendra Swami devotional shlokas, songs, Parayane etc, to name. Over the weekends, children are taught Gita chanting, Bhajans etc. 

Irrespective of nos, everyone is invited to partake prasada at all times.

So far, the devotees numbering in hundreds have celebrated the Aradhana of the Guru Raghavendra with vigour and devotion. Samoohika Sri Satyanarayana Pooja, Sri Lakshmi Pooja during Deepvali have also been conducted on large scale.